Tim Murton’s Twilight Zoo, a unique collection of lantern sculptures, has been decorating the streets of Elora, during the month of October, for almost two decades. Visitors started coming to Elora from all over Southern Ontario to see the display and, as popularity grew, other organizations started adding themed events, leading to the the name “Monster Month in Elora”.
In 2007, Julie Denneny added an event called “Monster March”, a non-motorized parade through downtown Elora where families (including pets) are encouraged to dress up in their favourite costumes and participate. The March has become an increasingly popular event on the 2nd last Saturday of October each year.

For two years, Tim partnered with Julie to bring us “Scare Fair”. Located in the yard of the Elora Centre for the Arts, Scare Fair had many exhibits and, of course, a huge display of Twilight Zoo sculptures.

In 2015, Sensational Elora accepted responsibility for the Monster March parade and, in 2017, with the support of some very generous sponsors, purchased the Twilight Zoo and accepted responsibility for organizing Monster Month.

Stay tuned, the Monster Month Committee has great plans for 2018 and future years. Our history is just beginning.