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About Monster Month | How to Sponsor

Monster Month in centre wellington

For nearly two decades, Tim Murton’s Twilight Zoo has been decorating the streets of Elora with a unique collection of lantern sculptures. During the month of October, visitors started coming to Elora from all over Southern Ontario to see the display. Local artists, community groups, businesses and other organizations started adding themed events as popularity grew, leading to the name “Monster Month in Elora.”

Spooky-themed events and haunted offerings throughout Centre Wellington include a Self-Guided Tour, Spirit and Ghost Walks, Spooky Stables, Lantern Tours, Magicians and a non-motorized parade called “Monster March”.  Julie Denneny, along with a crew of community volunteers brought the March to the streets in 2007 and it has been a main event during Monster Month ever since. Families (including pets!) are encouraged to dress up in their favourite costume and participate.

Immerse yourself in a frightfully fun month of activities for the entire family!

Sensational Elora, along with the support of some generous sponsors, purchased the collection of the monsters, known as The Twilight Zoo and accepted responsibility for organizing both Monster Month and the Monster March parade.  Sensational Elora is a community not for profit fundraising organization focused on raising money and awareness to combat hunger in the community with profits and donations going to the local Food Bank and high school breakfast program. They strive to work with a wide variety of community partners to create fabulous events that showcase what the Centre Wellington area has to offer. All of their programming is designed to entice all of your senses!

Can you Lend us a hand? Monster Month is a non-profit event that can use your donations.

All donations are accepted through Sensational Elora.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sensational Blue

Monster Month Sponsor, $10,000

Platinum Sponsorship

Event Sponsor:
Monster Month Sensational Soup-off Sponsor, $5,000

Gold Sponsorship

Event Sponsor:
Monster March | Pumpkin Day | Soup-Off, $2,500

Silver Sponsorship

Event Sponsor:
Monster March | Pumpkin Day | Soup-Off
Monster Care/ Storage/ Installation, $1,000

Copper Sponsorship

Sponsorship of event of choice, $500
Fabulous Fergus Pub Night |Jazz at Elora Centre for the Arts | Film On A Plate | Monster March | Pumpkin Day | Sensational Soup Off Empty Bowls

community partner

Sponsorship of event of choice: Dollar or In-Kind, >$500

Loan your time! Volunteer

We are always looking for help! Please contact us and we will be in touch.